“They Do An Excellent Job, Very Responsible.”

“Hi, I’m Tony. I’m Pompano Beach. I’ve been using General Pool and Spa for the last five years. They do an excellent job, very responsible. They clean the filter regularly, clean the pool, and the chemicals are always proper.

We had a leak in the pool when I moved here. I couldn’t find it. I searched everywhere and Christian was able to get a guy here and he found it right away and stopped the leak. With a little patch on the steps over here, I would’ve never found it. That little white patch down there.

I searched for the leak for a whole year. I used to go with the snorkel and the food coloring. And I went everywhere. I couldn’t find it and I never expected it to be in the steps.”


“We do a leak detection too, have a guy with the leak detection, repairs. We do everything about the pool.”

How long ago did you get that fixed?

“I guess it was about three years ago. No more problems. no more.

The cleaning service is excellent. The pool is always clean. And after we have storms and it’s very dirty, he comes on time every Wednesday and it’s spotless clean when he leaves. Once a week, every Wednesday morning. He’s always here at the same time.

Every couple of weeks, you guys take the filter apart and wash it out, which he did today. He cleans out the whole filter and cleans everything out inside the strainers, puts more chlorine in the skimmer basket, in the float.

Just very responsible, very good company, very well priced, too.”

How long has he been doing this for you?

“Five years.

Anybody that has a pool, I always recommend him.”

Mr. Tony
Pompano Beach, FL

Mr. Tony And Cristian Araujo

“The Cleaning Service Is Excellent. The Pool Is Always Clean.”

“I Always Recommend Him.”

“I Couldn’t Be Happier”

“I would like to comment on the service and the expertise and customer service. I think we’ve been together for like five years, and I have had no complaints. When there are times when I had family coming over, I would say, Cristian, can you guys come here and clean it before the weekend? They would come and clean it and never had an issue. I have always been very informed about the condition of the pool.

The filter. Always keeping us to date on what needs to be changed out and what needs more maintenance gives us peace of mind. That’s something we don’t need to worry about and let him handle. Let the professional handle. So I recommend this to anybody that’s looking for an honest, outgoing, loyal pool service company. This is the company I would refer.

Prices are one out there in the market that’s reasonable and far less, maybe the cheapest out there while giving you good quality and service. I’ve done my job as well. I’ve done some research and a lot of them are into the 120. 100 and up. Up. Higher. So depending on who you call and I just relied on Cristian and his company, General Spa And Pool. They’ve been taking care of me for a while and I couldn’t be happier.

Mr. Alfredo
Boca Raton, FL

Mr. Alfredo And Cristian Araujo

“Loyal Pool Service Company. This Is The Company I Would Refer.”

“Cheapest Out There While Giving You Good Quality And Service.”

“I’m Very, Very Happy With Their Service.”

“Hi, I’m Don. He’s been cleaning my pool for about four years. The person I had before him, he was cheaper but he never showed up on time. The pool was never cleaned. It was still cloudy. I still got green algae. I still had to even add chlorine myself. He’s been doing an excellent job for the last four years.

He’s also replaced my light because my light went out. I had two leaks in my pool and he fixed that for me, and then last week, I drained the pool. He resurfaced it and painted it for me, and you can see it looks amazing. They come every Wednesday like clockwork. They’re never late. I don’t even care if it’s raining, they still show up and clean the pool. They have done an excellent job and I’m very, very happy with their service.”

Do you recommend him to your friends?

“Oh, yes. If anybody has a pool and they need a really good pool person that is reliable and does an excellent job, he’s your man.”

What about the pricing?

“I think you get what you pay for. The other guy was 75, but again, he didn’t show up. I was adding chlorine myself. The pool had a funny smell to it. It’s just no.

I think for the pricing he does and the job he does, it’s worth every penny.”

It’s a fair price?

“Yes, it is. Very fair price.”

Mr. Don
Home Owner

Cristian Araujo And Mr. Don

“He’s Been Doing An Excellent Job For The Last Four Years.”

“It’s Worth Every Penny.”

“This Is My Pool Guy”

“I’m a property manager. We manage about eight properties in the area, and this is my pool guy for all eight. He’s on-call; he’s good; he cleans filters; he does it all.

How reliable is Cristian?

He picks up the phone call every time I call, and he’s here within the day. It only takes him maybe 24 hours if he’s busy, and he’ll be right at the property.

What About The Vacation Home Clients?

Pool is always clean. I never had a bad review about my pool. My pool is running good. I’ve been dealing with him for about three years now.

Him and his company gets my whole pool up and going; fix my pool heater to all the piping to my waterfalls. Keeps it clean.”

Mr. Damian
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cristian Araujo And Mr. Damian

“He Picks Up The Phone Call Every Time”

“I’ve Been Dealing With Him For About Three Years Now”

“Him And His Company Gets My Whole Pool Up And Going”