General Pool & Spa, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the following goal in mind: provide pool cleaning services to residents of South Florida so they can have complete peace of mind. A simple goal, but other pool cleaning companies don’t seem to fulfill.

Cristian Araujo (Owner)

Why General Pool And Spa, Inc.?

There are many reasons why choosing General Pool and Spa Inc., my company, is for sure your very best choice:

– My company has served hundreds of clients in South Florida since the year 2012.
– You can rest assured that you will receive a service that has all the proper licenses. However, knowledge about your pool is essential. That’s why I took the time to become Certified Pool Operator, CPO.
– Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Certified Operator of Aquatic Facilities CPO/OAF CERTIFICATION: ISJ6VDE
– General Pool and Spa Inc. is a registered corporation in the State Of Florida. You can check us out at the website:
– Florida Legal Corporation (FEI/EIN Number: 46-1230845).
– Top Pro Award from Thumbtack (Acct: 264118359456187484). General Pool And Spa, Inc. is among the highest-rated, most popular professionals on Thumbtack.
– More than 15 years of excellence and experience in the Swimming Pool Industry.
– And, our company is fully insured. So, before we start any project, our insurance company will issue an insurance certificate to you.
– Fully Insured (Insurance Certificate Issued for All Projects/Clients).
– Warranty Services, so you have absolute peace of mind.
– Worker’s Compensation.
– Dozens and dozens of loyal clients recommend our pool services. Our list of references includes clients in entire South Florida.
– Just look at what some of our clients are saying about us.
– 100s of Solid References. Very Satisfied Clients.
– I will Supervise every project. You can see the picture and videos from me, the owner, me, Cristian Araujo, all over the web. We are ultimately accountable/responsible for every action we take.
– Direct Line Available to reach the owner of the company 7 days/week
– Same-day services available
– Always Punctual Crew and extreme respect to an agreed schedule
– Extensive Background Check of Every Employee

Certified Pool & Spa Operator Certification

When You Choose Us To Maintain Your Pool, We Will Provide The Following Weekly Services:

– Complete water analysis
– Adjust PH Levels.
– Check and Rebalance Chemicals
– Net Pool
– Brush Off Pool
– Clean Tile
– Vacuum Pool
– Check Pump and Skimmer baskets
– Skim Pool Surface
– Complete Filter Clean Out
– Inspect Pool Equipment
– Advise any adjustments

General Pool And Spa Services Is A Company Specialized In:

– Acid Wash
– Chlorine Washes
– One Time Clean Ups And Weekly Maintenance
– Algae Removal
– Leak Detection
– Chemical Balancing
– Filter Cleaning
– Drain & Fills

Top Recommended

Tons of clients recommend of pool cleaning services because the experienced top quality services since day one.

Complete Pool Cleaning

All the way from careful weekly maintenance cleaning to repairs and so much more.

Why General Pool And Spa?

High attention to detail combined with a passion for what I do results in tons of clients who recommend our services to their neighbors.

Happy Customer Testimonials

“i Couldn’t Be Happier”

I just relied on Cristian and his company, General Spa And Pool. They’ve been taking care of me for a while and I couldn’t be happier.


Mr. Alfredo

“This Is My Pool Guy”

I’m a property manager. We manage about eight properties in the area, and this is my pool guy for all eight. He’s on-call; he’s good; he cleans filters; he does it all.

Mr. Damian

“They Do An Excellent Job”

I’ve been using General Pool and Spa for the last five years. They do an excellent job, very responsible.

Mr. Tony


Free Estimates

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